Coating and Resin

  • We are able to support customers in various fields in paint and printing industries. Alongside raw materials supplied by great chemical companies throughout the world, we can provide them start formulation and help them to achieve optimum level in terms of quality and landed costs. We not only offer technical tests and required standards but also cooperate with R&D staff to conduct tests and then prepare the results. Besides, we can recommend production and inspection producers and solutions to technical failure.
    1.    Additives for all Industrial Paints and Printing Industry:
    - Dispersing, Leveling and wetting, Anti-foam
    - Rheology modifier
    - Conductivity enhancer
    - UV absorber
    - UV stabilizer

    2.    Architectural Coatings:
    -    Silane and Siloxane primer (water-based and solvent-based)
    -    Poly-Siloxane additives for emulsion paint (high beading effect)
    -    VAE (Vinyl acetate ethylene) water-based dispersion for interior and exterior architectural paint
    -    Thermoplastic resin for multi-color paint
    -    Rheology modifiers and suspension agent for water-based coatings
    -    Silicone anti-foam for architectural paint
    -    In-can preservative for water-based paints
    -    Hydrophobic fumed silica

    3.    Protective Coatings:
    -    Silicone resins for solvent-based and water-based heat resistance coatings
    -    Ethyl silicate resins for corrosion protection coatings
    -    Anti-fouling agent for marine paints
    -    PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral)
    -    Aliphatic isocyanate hardener (75%) for PU coatings

    4.    Intumescent Coatings:
    -    VAE (Vinyl acetate ethylene and vinyl ester terpolymer) water-based dispersion
    -    APP (Ammonium polyphosphate)
    -    Blowing agent
    -    Char improver

    5.    Wood Coatings:
    -    Saturated polyester
    -    Unsaturated polyester
    -    Alkyd resins

    6.    Car Refinishing & Automotive Coatings:
    -    Saturated polyester
    -    Unsaturated polyester
    -    Melamine/formaldehyde resins

    7.    Can & Coil Coatings:
    -    Saturated polyester
    -    Melamine/formaldehyde resins

    8.    Marble & Stone:
    -    Unsaturated polyester resins

    9.    Initiators:
    -    Peroxides
    -    Persulfates
    -    Photo-initiators

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