Personal / Home Care


Keeping customers up-dated about latest products of our suppliers

Supporting customers R&D’s demands for any new product, samples, etc. and helping them to adjust new formulations

Close and transparent cooperation with MOH and taking all required permissions, documents, etc. and doing all required registration for sales, sampling and etc.

Official and authorized technical assistant who is registered and approved by MOH

Supplying raw materials of Personal / Home Care industry such as
1.    Silicones for personal care products
-    Hair conditioner Silicones (Volume and Shine Enhancer, Color and Thermo- Protection, Wet and Dry Combing Enhancer)
-    Skin Conditioner Silicones (Anti- Whitening, Moisturizing and Thickening, Water Repellence, Emulsifier)
-    Decorative Cosmetics Silicones (Softener, Pigment Spreading, Transfer Resistance)
2.    Pyrogenic Silica for Oral Care and Cosmetic Products
3.    Silicones for Home Care and Detergent products
-    Surface Care Silicones (Anti-misting, Floor & Metal & Furniture polishing agent, Wood/stone Impregnation, Car Care, Anti-Foam)
-    Fabric Care Silicones (Fabric Softener, Rinse-Cycle Impregnation, Fast Drying Agent, Anti- Foam)
-    Anti- Foam Silicones (Slurry De-Aeration, Post Addition, Liquid Laundry Detergent Anti- Foam)
4.    Preservative (Natural & Synthetic Biocide)
5.    Biodegrade able Builder
6.    Anti- Oxidant
7.    Colorants for Soaps, Detergents and Cleaning Agents
8.    Hydrolyzed Keratin
9.    Solvent
10.    Natural & Synthetic Flavor


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