Water and waste water Treatment

  • Full technical support.

    Before, during and after sale proactive support.

    Announcing product updates to our customers regularly.

    Providing analyzing software along with proper training.

    Supplying various Chemical materials and equipment that help to tap, safeguard, and inexpensively purify water — and to effectively reduce the waste of water.

    1.    Ion Exchange Resin: Ion exchange is the reversible interchange of ions between a solid (ion exchange material) and a liquid in which there is no permanent change in the structure of the solid. We supply wide range of materials such as:
    -    Weak Acid Cation (WAC)
    -    Strong Acid Cation (SAC)
    -    Weak Base Anion (WBA)
    -    Mixed Bed: SAC/SBA
    -    Mixed Bed: SAC/SBA
    -    SBA
    -    MBA

    2.    RO Membrane: In the reverse osmosis process cellophane-like membranes separate purified water from contaminated water. RO is when a pressure is applied to the concentrated side of the membrane forcing purified water into the dilute side, the rejected impurities from the concentrated side being washed away in the reject water. We supply all the common and specialized grades:
    -    Brackish:
        High rejection type (HR) for the best permeates quality.
        High flow type (HF) for the best balance of flow and
        Salt rejection
        Fouling resistant type (FR) for fouling resistance via
        0.86 mm (34 mil) feed-water spacer
        Low energy type (LE) for energy savings from
        Low pressure operation
    -    Seawater:
        High rejection type (HR)
        High flow type (HF)

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