Olefin units

Polyethylene units

Polypropylene units

Polyvinylchloride units

Utility units

Aromatic units

Crude oil contains various types of light and heavy hydrocarbons which could not meet the industries’ demands if not processed. Crude oil refinery is associated with problems such as corrosion and sediment depositions in the equipment. “Reda Kimia” Company supplies following efficient chemical materials for this process:

Viscosity reduction units

Chemical materials for the refinery and catalyst returning unit

Refinery and catalyst returning units

Utility units

Gas is one of the cleanest and the most economic conventional energies consumed around the world. Separating water, oil and natural gas; as well as separate carbon dioxide and sulfurets are the most important parts of gas process. “Reda Kimia” Company supplies following chemical materials for this process:

Gas sweeting units
Gas dehumidification units
Chemical raw materials for utility units and auxiliary services

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